Aug 22

Learn from the best - an exhaustive and in-depth behind-the-scenes of making a game

Category: Gaming   — Published by goeszen on August 22, 2016 at 4:23 pm

The art of documenting how a creative work was put together, a making-of or behind-the-scenes, is mostly known from the realm of film. I love a good documentary about movie making.

Yet, when you're too focused on one creative discipline, you may have overlooked a true gem of a making-of. It's from video games. It's about the genesis of a point-and-click adventure called Broken Age, made possible by the nice folks at Double Fine, and made by 2 Player Productions, the Double Fine video goodness splinter-cell. Just as a good making-of about a movie, it chronicles all the ups and downs of the creative process - that's what makes these behind-the-scenes so interesting. This one is really exhaustive. I think the top spot in terms of running time of any BTS so far had Peter Jackson, with his doc on the making of King Kong, where his work/adventure was chronicled very extensively. But I feel Tim Schafer and his crew take the crown now. (Tell me in comments if you know better.)

Go and check out Double Fine Adventure on YouTube. And buy Broken Age. And support other crowdfunding projects.